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ARMED CONFLICT a destroyer and creator, the great sculptor of nations: For thousands of years, warfare has shaped every aspect of human civilization. Beyond the obvious and direct impacts to history in the forms of the victories and defeats, armed conflict also effects change and development in technology, economic systems, ideology, culture, art, literature, music, and spread religion to every corner of the globe.


Since the Province of Carolina was chartered in 1663, hundreds of battles representing nearly every regional and national conflict have been fought on South Carolina soil. During the Revolutionary War alone there were more than 130 battles fought throughout the state. In addition to battlefields, South Carolina possesses a wealth of other historical military sites highlighting the state's significant contribution to the United State's military actions around the world. South Carolina's military history has contributed greatly to the founding and development of the nation, a tradition her service men and women of the armed forces carry on to this day.


The South Carolina Battleground Preservation Trust seeks to protect and preserve these historic military sites across South Carolina to not only honor the soldiers who gave their lives in service to their country, but also provide current and future generations a space at which to remember, contemplate, discuss, and learn how our history not only shapes the past, but is also relevant to the present and future of our great state. We invite you to learn, participate, preserve and promote South Carolina's military history with us on this journey.



The South Carolina Battleground Preservation Trust (SCBPT) is a 501 (c) 3 not-for profit corporation established in 1991 and dedicated to the preservation of South Carolina’s historic battlegrounds and military sites. Working with property owners, developers, and  local/state agencies, the South Carolina Battleground Preservation Trust has successfully preserved 28 historic properties throughout South Carolina. The SCBPT preserves South Carolina's military heritage employing a variety of tools from conservation easements and land acquisitions to high-tech ground based laser scanning surveys and public interpretation. Our board and staff work diligently to ensure the states military heritage sites are not forgotten and there to study, discuss and reflect upon for future generations.

Our Board

W. Blake Hallman Jr. - President

John Jowers - Vice President

James M. Holland - Treasurer

Samuel W Howell IV, Esquire - Secretary

Paul David Reuwer, Esquire

Harrington Bissell

Carroll Crowther

Steve Osborne

W. Allen Roberson

Our staff

Douglas W. Bostick

Executive Director/CEO

Doug is a graduate of the College of Charleston and received a Master’s degree from the University of South Carolina. He formerly served on the staff and faculty of the University of South Carolina and the University of Maryland. Doug have more than thirty years’ experience in non-profit management. He was the first executive director of Save the Light, the non-profit foundation managing the preservation of the Morris Island Lighthouse at Folly Beach.


Doug is the author of twenty-six books on nonfiction history and his knowledge of history is enhanced by a raconteur’s gift for storytelling. He is a much sought after speaker and speaks on a wide range of topics including the history of the South Carolina Sea Islands, colonial and antebellum horse racing, the War Between the States, the Revolutionary War in South Carolina, Root Work & Lowcountry Folklore, and the history of South Carolina Lowcountry cuisine. Doug was the editor for a large series of books commemorating the Sesquicentennial of the War Between the States. His book on the Morris Island Lighthouse was the “2009 Book of the Year” for the Foundation for Coast Guard History. Doug’s book’s Fort Sumter National Monument: Where the Civil War Began and Grand Traditions of Charleston Cuisine were both recognized as 1st Place for Book of the Year at the Souvenir Wholesale Distributors Association Convention in 2011 & 2012.


He joined the staff of the Trust in 2011 as executive director & CEO. Under his leadership, The Trust has doubled its number of protected in the last two years.

Matthew A. Luke

Archaeologist/GIS Analyst

Matt is a graduate of Georgia Southern University, receiving a B.A. in Anthropology in 2009 followed by a M.A. in Social Sciences with an emphasis in Anthropology in 2015.  He served on the staff and faculty at Georgia Southern University teaching advanced mapping technologies in 2012, and served as a Geospatial consultant to a number of archaeological  firms and non-profits.


Matt's thesis, AERIAL LIDAR IN THE ARCHAEOLOGICAL RECONNAISSANCE AND MAPPING OF CIVIL WAR EARTHEN FORTIFICATIONS, focuses on the use of airborne laser scanning survey data in locating and mapping earthwork fortifications. Employing concepts developed during his research, Matt has been able to locate numerous earthworks that were previously undocumented or recorded as destroyed. He is also well versed in the use of ground based laser scanning survey equipment, training faculty at Georgia Southern University in the use of this equipment. At the Trust, Matt uses this technology to survey protected properties to provide data for use in site management and public interpretation. He also brings to the Trust a wide variety of technology based skills such as: web design, 3D modeling, and interactive exhibit design which are employed in research and public interpretation of the Trust's sites.


He works with the Trust, not only as our archaeologist and LiDAR technician, but he manages our GIS & GPS needs. Matt joined the staff of the Trust in 2012.

G. Michael


Archaeological Tech/Database Manager

Mike received his Bachelor of Science degree from the College of Charleston. He is retired with thirty-four years of service with the South Carolina Department of National Resources as a GIS database manager. Mike is certified as a Master SCUBA Diver and, previously, served as SCDNR’s Section Diving Safety Officer.


Mike is also a skilled researcher in South Carolina military history and has with four decades of experience in metal detection site research. He is proficient with ESRI products (ArcGIS, ArcMap, ArcView and ArcInfo), a variety of GPS products, and various metal detectors including Magnetometers/Magnetic Gradiometers. Mike also serves as a database engineer in the design of the Trust's SC Military Sites Database being developed as part of our ongoing research funded in part by American Battlefields Protection Program. He also brings to the trust an in depth knowledge of artifact conservation techniques.


Mike joined the staff of the Trust in 2014 and serves as an Archaeology technician, ArcGIS technician, and database manager.




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