Battery WHITE

Georgetown, SC

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Battery White is a large earthwork fortification located on a bluff overlooking Winyah Bay near Georgetown. The bluff on which it was constructed was twenty feet above the bay where the channel narrows to 1,400 yards. This strategic site could control the seaward access to the nearby port of Georgetown. The property was originally part of Belle Isle Plantation which was one-time owned by Revolutionary War hero Colonel Peter Horry. In 1862, Confederate Major General John C. Pemberton visited Georgetown and selected this site on Mayrant’s Bluff as the site for a battery.


In February 1863, reports indicate that Battery White was manned by 53 men and nine guns. On 24, 1865, a party from the USS Mingoe occupied the battery and found it to be abandoned. The executive officer of the Mingoe reported that Battery White contained a total of fifteen guns: three 10-inch columbiads, two 18-pounders, four 32-pounder Brooke rifles, five 24-pounder smoothbore, and one 12-pounder. The Confederate troops had spiked all the guns prior to their evacuation.


Battery White was listed in the National Register of Historic Places in 1977. The South Carolina Preservation Trust was granted a conservation easement on Battery White in 2009.

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