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Berkeley County

The Path to Liberty

The Battleground Trust is pulling together several projects to focus on the Revolutionary War in Berkeley County for the next year. We have earlier announced that we have received a grant for 2015/2016 to document and map Revolutionary War battles in the county. This will, for the first time, develop the Berkeley County story to interpret to the public.


In addition to the grant research, the Battleground Trust is developing a smart phone/tablet driving tour of Revolutionary War sites in Berkeley County. The Revolutionary War history of the county is immense and there are many sites that can be visited and enjoyed by the public.


Lastly, the Battleground Trust is working with the Lord Berkeley Conservation Trust on an exciting project to acquire eighty acres of land which includes an extant British Revolutionary War fortification. There will be a major announcement in the upcoming months on this project.

Francis Marion

Battlefield Documentation

Grant - Berkeley County

gary LeCroy and Douglas Bostick

In late July, the National Park Service in Washington, DC announced their 2015 grant awards through the American Battlefield Protection Program (ABPP). The South Carolina Battleground Preservation Trust was awarded a grant of $74,000, making this the second year in a row that the Trust has received an ABPP grant.


The project will create a master database of battlefields and associated sites in Berkeley County, South Carolina. The goals of the project are to: 1) identify the historic battlefield sites in Berkeley County; 2) coordinate with the SC Department of Archives & History to nominate qualifying sites for listing on the National Register of Historic Places; and 3) develop a preservation plan for any unprotected sites. The Trust will analyze each battle using a military terrain analysis endorsed by the National Park Service.


The Berkeley County Revolutionary War Battles include:


April 14, 1780 Battle of Moncks Corner

May 6, 1780  Battle of Lenud’s Ferry

1781 Battle of Lewisfield Plantation

January 24, 1781 Battle of Wadboo / Moncks Corner

January 31, 1781 Attack on Kitfield Plantation

July 16, 1781 Battle of Biggin Bridge

July 17, 1781 Battle of Quinby Bridge

September 10, 1781 Retreat from Eutaw Springs

November 17, 1781 Battle of Fair Lawn Barony

December 30, 1781 Battle of Cainhoy

January 3, 1782 Battle of Videau’s Bridge

February 19, 1782 Battle of Strawberry Ferry

February 24, 1782 Battle of Wambaw Bridge

August 29, 1782 Battle of Wadboo Barony (Avenue of the Cedars)


Given that we are in the midst of the Tri-Centennial of the Yemassee War, we could not resist adding a battle from that period to be studied as well.


1715 Attack on Chicken Plantation, Yemassee War


There will be a series of public meetings to be held in Berkeley County beginning with an inaugural presentation at the Berkeley County Government building at 7:00 pm on August 27. Periodic updates to keep the public fully informed will be available through additional meetings and through the Trust newsletter.