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This redan, constructed in 1861, was located near Redoubt #3 in the James Island "East Lines". This was a "V" shaped earthwork, open in the rear and was positioned to fill the open space between the two redoubts. As part of the James Island "East Lines", its purpose was to defend Charleston Harbor from Union Army approaches across James Island from the direction of the Stono River. It was armed with one piece of field artillery.


In 1863 the "East Lines" were replaced with the "James Island New Lines". This new line of earthworks was constructed to the west of the "East Lines" and closer to the Stono River. At this time, many of the guns from the "East Lines" were removed to arm the "New Lines". In February 1865, Occupying Federal troops recorded this redan as being unarmed. By 1863 the Confederates probably considered the "East Lines" a secondary line of defense only.


The property owner deeded Redan #1 to the South Carolina Battleground Preservation Trust in 2015.