Star Fort

Long Island, SC

Confederates established a camp and a wooden watchtower on Long Island in 1861 or 1862. By the summer of 1863, the Federal Army had captured and occupied many of the small islands to the east and south of James Island. They quickly established a picket line with batteries along the waterways and these small islands, including Long Island, facing James Island.


Federal Fort Number Two on Long Island, also known as the Star Fort, was one of the batteries along this line. It was constructed on the far west end of Long Island and was armed with two 30-pound Parrott guns and had one powder magazine. In 1864, black troops from the 55th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry served as the garrison for the fort. By mid-1864, the Star Fort was often engaged in artillery duels with the Fort Lamar and the guns of the Water Batteries at Secessionville.


The partnership that owned Long Island granted a conservation easement for the Star Fort and 4.8 acres of high land to the South Carolina Battleground Preservation Trust in 2013.



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